How does stress affect you?

How easily we say that we are ‘stressed’…the truth is we are. Running around trying to finish all tasks, meet deadlines, school routines increase stress levels. Stress can be good, but long term it affects your body and this video is just brilliant at capturing it.

Stress is not good for your immune system

Stress is not good for your immune system.

Posted by Hashem Al-Ghaili on Tuesday, 1 May 2018

The Gut Mirobiome – Through the Looking Glass

This is the third post on The Gut Microbiome – Through the Looking Glass series. Emulsifiers added to salad dressings and ice cream are now under the spotlight as they are shown to damage the gut lining in mice. The effect of poor food choices are seen later in time.
Shop carefully, fill those trolley with whole foods, green leafy veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds and grains. ‘Coz these incredible critters need the fibre to gorge on.
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