I, first, ventured into the field of health over 20 years ago with my Bachelor of Science, majoring in Microbiology. But when I lost my father, when he was only 57, to the complications of type 2 diabetes, I started to ask why. What went wrong with him, especially as he was on insulin. I started meeting many with diabetes, some as young as 32!

My questions led me to a PhD in Physiology from Monash University, where I explored the effects of hormones in obesity and type 2 diabetes. I went on to post-doctoral work in ovarian cancer, and saw the similar issues with weight and hormones among many of the patients.

Around that time, my daughter started to have issues with her health. She was in and out of hospital, and was given countless doses of steroid and antibiotics. Although these would alleviate her symptoms for a time, she would end up worse.

Her specialist encouraged me to work on her diet to support her health in conjunction with the medical treatments. After making some small changes, she recovered completely. Today, she is a happy and healthy teenager.

I had encouraged my interest in nutrition and public health and so I started studying again. I completed a Graduate Certificate in Human Nutrition from Deakin University. This built on my sound knowledge of chronic conditions and physiology, and I saw how food could impact on the many functions of the body.

I wanted to share what I learned – that food plays an essential role in well-being, no matter what your current state of health. So, I decided to open a clinic – Nutritionist Knox. Now, I am able to support people throughout the eastern suburbs of Melbourne with their health journey.

My approach is both holistic and evidence-based. Thanks to my extensive training, I am able to connect the dots with very complex conditions and uncover the underlying issues.

I also keep up-to-date with research in the fields of nutrition, type 2 diabetes, obesity and gut health. So, the advice I give is always evidence-based and reflects the latest developments in nutrition science.

When I am not working at the clinic, you will find me teaching nutrition students basic and advanced anatomy and physiology. This allows me to keep up with the latest developments in the field of nutrition, type 2 diabetes, obesity and gut health. But it also means that I am an expert in simplifying complex processes to help you understand them!

As a current member (CMA2528) of the Complementary Medicine Association, I am able to provide rebates under selected private health funds. Check your eligibility here.

I am available every second Friday (9:30am – 1:30pm) at Knox Health and Sport Clinic, 171, Stud Rd Wantirna. Call 88051777 to book your appointment for a personalised consult.