School holidays and family recipes

These school holidays have been fun. My teenagers have discovered my stash of family recipes.

They are learning cooking, important skills especially with the rise in obesity. Being time poor means quick, frozen foods are easy to shop and reheat! A frozen vegetarian lasagna or a curry gets dinner on to the table within a few minutes. However, what we think is quick and easy has long-term consequences. We, now, know that convenience and discretionary foods are high in salt, sugar and fat and this is a deadly combination. It makes for a calorie dense but a nutritionally poor meal.

So, teach your children basic cooking skills, when taught at an early age it instills a habit of planning, possibly gardening and cooking meals at home. For example, a simple plant-based pasta sauce often just needs a can of tomato, a spoonful of tomato paste, olive oil, herbs, a few cloves of garlic, salt and pepper to taste. And adding some freshly grated parmesan to top it off takes it to another level 🙂 Yumm…so easy. Now, this is our staple, our favourite, my teens make it themselves and make it well. This is our family recipe 🙂

My teenagers know that we grow basil and oregano, we buy organic pasta, tomato passata and cans in bulk from Costco and we plan the meal the day before. They gather all the ingredients, the pan, the spatula and all; start chopping and cooking when ready. They bicker, banter, grate the cheese, nick some, share some and then the sauce is ready. Thennnn, the pasta goes on to boil!! drives me crazy, because I would have put the pasta first and then got the sauce done! I guess time teaches. Yet, our family recipe is alive!

So, dust off those family recipes, and teach your children basic cooking, a life skill! 🙂


Have you planned any changes this year?

New year, new beginnings…isn’t that the mantra at the beginning of every new year! I hear of so many plans at catch-ups – plans of self-care, eating right, losing weight, drinking less and so on. Ambitious yes 🙂 and sometimes discouraging too…..especially as it gets easy to fall off the wagon once school starts, activities fill the days and we are running keeping it all together. Too many changes are hard to make and motivation hard to drum up!

How about we look at ‘a’ change?

Eating right – now here is when I say, add a plant-based salad to your meal, start small, any meal in a day and build up the number of days, it will become a habit soon! We are loving mini cucumbers at the moment, chilled yum :-)!

What are your changes?

Will I get enough protein?

I am a passionate advocate of eating more plants!! so many options exist – yummy stuffed zucchinis, roasted potatoes, pumpkins and onions, chickpea curry and the list goes on. The recent planetary diet is super exciting!
I do, however, get asked ‘where do you get your protein from?’ Here is my comment on SBS


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